Introducing Session Board


Session Board is a product that helps Photographers and Clients work together to plan a better Session. They do this by bringing their boards and pins from Pinterest into a private conversation of ideas, comments, and preferences.

Sessions keep things together

A Session is a collection of ideas, comments, and preferences shared solely between a photographer and the clients in the session. This helps to collect the information discussed about a session in a single place.

Session Board provides everyone with 1 free Session at any given time. After you are finished with a Session, you can archive it and create another active Session. You can create as many Sessions as you want, but only 1 can be active at a time. Photographers and clients can still view Sessions that are archived, but they can’t change them.

Connected through Pinterest

Session Board provides an easy way to browse your Pinterest connections and add them as available connections on Session Board. These connections are able to view any sessions that include them, whether active or archived. Photographers can send an invitation to connections, allowing them to join Session Board with a single click.

Ideas to share inspiration

You can import Idea boards directly from your Pinterest boards and use them in multiple Sessions. From there, everyone in the Session can prioritize the images and add comments to put together a plan for the Session. You can easily compare different client views of an Idea to see which photos they like and how they arrange them.

Give it a try!

Head over to and create an account. Session Board allows you to log in with your Pinterest account, so there is no need to remember another username and password.

Create a Session. Add connections. Import Ideas from your boards.

Let us know…

We are working to identify the most useful new features to add to Session Board. If you have any ideas or comments, just click the big red Feedback button at the top of the window after logging in. You can also use it to report something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work right.

All the feedback that we get is automatically posted on a Trello board (so be nice!). You can vote on features, comment on cards, and see which items we are currently working.

Hopefully, Session Board will provide a meaningful product to help photographers and clients work together to plan a better Session, but we will need your help and feedback to do it! Please create an account to get started at!