5 Christmas Card Ideas

Updated December 9, 2018

It’s not too late to get those Christmas card photos that everyone will love!

I’ve put together 5 ideas that you can try, along with Pinterest boards that you can click through to explore. Click the board title to open the board, or select a pin to open. For more content like this, follow SessionBoard

1 Add a pop of color. Christmas is a very colorful time, but you can often create an eye catching photo by only including a few colorful items. This works well in a snowy background if you have it, or in front of Christmas trees.

You can also use selective colorization to bring out only a few color items with the rest of the photo in monotone.

2 Take it outside. You can either use a prop or open space to create interesting photos outdoors. Grab a quilt, a banner, or a wagon and go create some memories. If you need to create a snowy effect, take along a packet of instant mashed potatoes and have fun experimenting!

For open spaces, don’t forget to throw the background out of focus so that it doesn’t distract from main subjects.
3 Light it up. This is the most technically challenging idea in the list, but it provides a unique outcome. There are two approaches to try – The first is to use the Christmas lights to create a silhouette. The second is to use a light in addition to the Christmas lights to make sure that faces are lit.

One thing to watch out for is websites and print services that may try to automatically “fix” the lighting of your photos.
4 Apply some affection. Add some personality. Feel free to bring out the mistletoe (well, maybe not for a corporate Christmas card). Kids holding hands, parents holding kids, couples holding each other – all helps to make a more engaging photo.

Pro Tip: You may be able to combine an Engagement Announcement with a Christmas Card shoot.
5 Don’t forget the pets! They can be tricky to photograph, but they are sure to add another dimension to your photos. Some pets will let you drape Christmas lights or garland around them. Others will try to eat them.

There are two necessities for photographing pets – a fast shutter speed and some kind of squeaky toy or treat to get them to look in your direction.

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