Less Wasted Time.
More Satisfied Clients.

Plan a better photography session through visual collaboration with your clients.

Session Board keeps your clients engaged and happy throughout the process

  • Clients are happier before the session because they can easily provide input and give you feedback.
  • Session Board helps you answer questions and keep up with clients in a timely manner.
  • Clients are more comfortable during a session when they know what to expect. Having your clients involved in planning the session helps to set those expectations.
  • After the session, clients are more likely to order prints & share the results of a session that they helped to plan.

Session Board is not just about saving you time - it's about helping you do better work with less time.

  • Make the most of your time before the session. Using images gets you on the same page quickly and allows more time for exploration and ideas. Session Board keeps the communication flowing by making it easy to keep track of questions, comments and changes.
  • During the session, use a picture of a pose, prop, facial expression, etc. instead of trying to describe it with words.
  • Spend less time after the session when post processing the results by applying your client's visual taste (learned from the initial collaboration).

How Session Board Works

  1. Everyone assembles multiple photographs from their favorite Pinterest boards
  2. When a session is created, the photographer and clients vote, comment, and prioritize
  3. When the session is finalized, Session Board provides a digital visual playbook for creating the type of scenery, lighting, frames, and poses that the client wants

Give it a try!

Head over to https://sessionboard.com and see how Session Board could help your photography business be more profitable and more fun. Sign up for the free tier with just your Pinterest account.